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By Sally Falkow
The Proactve Report
One of the biggest trends in 2009 is the shift to real-time content online, sometimes referred to as Now Media.
And when you say real-time web or the instant news cycle, most people think of Twitter.
“The Real-Time Web is much more than Twitter,” says Richard McManus of ReadWriteWeb in a series about the top 5 web trends in 2009. “It has changed the products and strategies of almost every major Internet company in 2009.”
Twitter has been a large part of it and Twitter search has changed the …

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Podcasting 101: A Student's Step-By-Step Guide is an easy to read 10 step list on how to do a podcast effectively.

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Mapping a Screen Name

A Heart of Stars: Mapping a Screen Name is a collection of various mappings that represent my internet persona. These mappings both revealed and excluded information about me as “aheartofstars.” In a sense, “aheartofstars” became a character deviation of me. I decided to use these mappings to dissect the character of “aheartofstars” and to represent the growth of this character; thus, I have used the metaphor of a “road trip” to describe the journey of “aheartofstars” throughout various network of practices.
Beginning the Journey
In this section, I have documented the various …

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Joe's Prezi for #IAS09

For Information Architecture, I designed a presentation using Prezi’s Zooming Presentation Maker. In Information Architecture, our class examined information in several different contexts. We first looked at how language, one of the most popular vehicles of information, is structured to help people make meaning out of what they see, hear, and read. Metaphors We Live By (1980), by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, was both influential and helpful as it laid the foundation for many of the other things we would read later. From evaluating language, we then examined how …

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Prezi Presentation: Writer as Cartographer

This presentation is designed to
explore the relationship between writing, technology and information. To facilitate this, several different tools
were utilized. Including Prezi, Twitter, Facebook, FontStruct, Kuler, Google
MyMaps, Wordle, Tweetstats, Twitter Top Friends Network, and Nexus. These tools work to show the connections
between the writer and the users as well as to further the “Writer as
Cartographer” metaphor.
With this presentation, I attempt to
show the writer’s influence over the content and depiction of images as well as
the many information ecologies that surround each of us. If we look at the graphics and the
presentation as …